First Lesson as a Mom

My first lesson of motherhood was the need to adapt.  This lesson started in the hospital, when I tried to breast feed my son.  Working with a La Leche coach, I tried every technique possible to get my son to latch on.  He refused.  In fact, he would push me away and scream, whenever I would try to breast feed him.  It was nothing short of ugly.  He was crying and by the end of the coaching session I was crying.  Nothing I did seemed to work.

He was five pounds and very hungry, needing to feed frequently.  Because he was crazed and weak from hunger, he did not have the strength to feed from the breast.  When it was clear that he was not going to latch on and he was continuing to lose weight, I had to make a choice.  I had to pump and feed him breast milk from a bottle, or give him formula.  I did not want to feed him formula, so I rented a pump from the hospital.

By changing the plan, I  was able to feed my son breast milk, while allowing him to gain the necessary weight to be healthy.  Once I stopped fighting and trying to make him latch on, he became very peaceful.  He would curl up in my arms and purr as he fed from his bottle.  Breastfeeding transformed from a battle to a bonding experience, because I let go of my expectations and listened to my son’s needs.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! I want to welcome you to I hope that as you read this blog someone is fanning you and feeding you grapes, because you deserve it. This is a blog dedicated to celebrating Mother’s Day every day. We work very hard all year and deserve to be celebrated more than one day a year.

I want you to sit back, put your feet up and enjoy sharing with your community of mothers. For me, I am thinking of my first Mother’s Day. Instead of breakfast in bed, I had a 5 AM feeding. I spent most of the day crying off and on from joy and hormones. I couldn’t believe that I was finally a mom. My son was scrumptious and I couldn’t hold him enough. When he fell asleep, I made sure to eat a large plate of sushi to make up for 9 months of abstaining. In retrospect, I probably didn’t need any more that day. But, I still enjoy wearing the push present (jewelry) that I made my husband get me.

While I am less emotional today, I am still very grateful to be a mom. To prevent a mess in the kitchen, I requested coffee and fruit for breakfast in bed this morning. Like many other mothers, I requested to go out for dinner (no mess to clean up later). Also, I want take time today to read what you have to say about your Mother’s Day.