Dinner and a Show

“Michael, Michael, Michael you get down from there,” his mother begged.  I looked up from my salad to catch a view of one of the cutest 2 years old boys that I have ever seen.  He had climbed up, so that he could reach the ketchup dispenser and he was squirting ketchup everywhere.  Horrified his mother leaped to stop him.  “No, No, No Michael,” she shouted grabbing his hands.

Laughing he jumped down and started running the parameter of the dining room in Wendy’s.  His mother chasing him all the way yelling, “Michael stop!  Michael stop!”  He dodged her grasp like one of the finest running backs in the NFL.  She finally trapped him in a corner and picked him up.  His arms and legs swinging all the way back to the table.

Once she settled him at the table in front of his Wendy’s Kid’s Meal, he stopped for a moment to take a bite before launching into his next sprint across the dining room.  “Michael,” she yelled dashing after him.   “Look what I have,” she said holding up his prize.  “If you sit down and eat, I will give you this prize.”  He stopped in his tracks and ran back to her jumping up to grab the prize.  “Michael, sit down please,” she said sternly.

Smiling, I watched Michael work the deal like a seasoned salesman.  He started running towards the fencing in the front of the restaurant.  Reaching for the top to climb up, he heard his mother say, “Okay, if you eat your meal, you can have your prize and a Frosty.”  He turned around with a big smile on his face and marched back to the table, the victor.

Who would have thought that for the price of a salad and burger for my son I could get a show as well?  What a bargain!

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