It’s not as easy as it sounds!

This entry is a shout out to the mothers that suffered with infertility. It is so frustrating to watch everyone around you get pregnant, when you are struggling. And, everyone has so much advice to give you.

First, I was told to go on vacation get drunk and I would come home pregnant. After a week of drinking, laughing and loving, I tested negative on the pregnancy stick. Ugh!

Then, they told my husband to wear boxer shorts to increase his sperm count. Equipped with boxer shorts and an ovulation tester, we continued the quest for a baby. We became slaves to the ovulation monitor arranging our schedule for when it told us to have sex. There was no romance left, just the quest. Months of defeat turned into a year and I was finally forced to admit that I had a problem.

When I was finally desperate, I crawled under my OB/GYN’s door, because I felt less than an inch tall. What kind of a woman can’t get pregnant?

My husband’s test was very simple, collecting a sperm sample. My tests were not so easy. Just a hint, when your doctor says that it will be a little pinch, she is lying.

I remember one day leaving her office in agony after one of the so called pinches. It was torture watching all of the pregnant women coming and going. They made it look so easy. I had to fight the urge to hate them for being pregnant.

Another understatement was that I might experience a change in my mood with the hormone therapy. You think! I was taking 12 times the amount of hormones that are normally found in the body, so that I could super ovulate. I was inches from a rifle in a tower. My husband wisely stayed out of range.

The craziest part of the story is that even knowing how painful the whole process was, I would do it again to have my son. The joy of being a mother has made that old pain a distant memory. I take out it to support other women who are suffering, because I have been there.

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