Ghosts of Christmas Past

Because my son is no longer excited about Christmas and just wants to play video games with his friends, I am thinking of all of the wonderful Christmases when he squealed with joy.  His first Christmas he wasn’t really interested in his presents, but had lots of fun taking everything out of Grammie’s cupboards and spreading it all over the floor. The next year his favorite present was watching me hit myself in the face with his Thomas the Train tent as I assembled it. Jumping up and down he screamed “Again, Again!”

Each year there have been shrieks of joy which filled my heart. And, my gift for all of my hard work tracking down everything on his list were the magic words “This is the best Christmas Ever!” All of these wonderful memories echo in my head and fill my heart. This year my gift is treasuring the Ghosts of Christmas Past.

When do you stop worry?

My worrying started as soon as I found out I was pregnant.  I worried about him being born healthy and all of the complications.  Then, I was overjoyed for a while after his birth, which was soon surpassed by my concerns about his allergies and asthma.  Spending many sleepless night listening to him breath to make sure he was okay, I was filled with worry.  Just when it seemed the allergies were under control, he started having problems in school.  We spent most of our savings for testing to show the school his learning disabilities.  After fighting for a year, we finally got them to test at school and he was approved for an IEP.  Struggling to help him with school, I worked with him and the school.   With many sleepless nights of worry for me, he is finally on track at school.  I was horrified last night to notice that my laugh lines are slowing being replaced by worry lines.  I’m trying to figure out: when do you stop worry?

Lights Up The Room With Her Smile

There are those rare and special people who light up the room with their smile.  You can’t help but smile when you see them.  They have the magical power of making those around them feel better for having spent time with them.  My friend Krista is one of those magical people.  On her birthday, I am reminded of the gift that she is to all who know her.  Happy Birthday Krista!  May your day be filled with love and blessings.

When I Became a Mom

From the moment that I heard his first cry, my main focus in life has been my son’s welfare and happiness.  For the first year of his life, I listened all night to make sure that he was breathing, barely sleeping.  Once we made it past the SIDS scare in the first year of life, I sat up with him at night because of asthma attacks.  To help him breathe better, we equipped our house with a special filtration system, so that we could clean the air of his allergens.  Then, when he started pre-school, I volunteered for all of the parties, bringing special foods that he could eat with his allergies.  I made gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free food fun for him and his friends.  I thought the food was difficult until he began to have difficulty in school and my husband and I spent a large chunk of our savings getting testing for him to force the school to address his learning disabilities.  And, every year we continue to fight to make sure that he has what he needs to learn at school.

I know that I am not alone.  There are many Moms working hard everyday to raise their children.  This weekend and everyday I celebrate us hardworking Moms.  Here’s to us!  Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Not Just Showers April Brings

For me, April is an opportunity every year to celebrate one of my favorite people on the planet.  We have known each other since we were teenagers and I treasure her friendship more every year.  To me, she will always be that beautiful red-head with piercing aqua blue eyes darting across the Polo field as if she was riding the wind.  Her contagious spirit of adventure and big heart have touched everyone who knows her.  Happy Birthday Kathy and many more!

What Happened?

What happened to my sweet little boy?  Where did he go?  Will he ever come back?  I went into his room this morning to wake him up for school and he wasn’t there.  Apparently, Aliens were in my house last night.  They took him and left behind a snarky teenager that sorta looks like him, but acts nothing like him.

Happy Birthday to Kevin!

Today is my son’s birthday and my mind is flooded with memories of birthdays past. My image from his 1st birthday is his face plant into his cake, and looking up at me giggling with chocolate frosting covering his face. Then, on his 2nd birthday, his cousins drove from CT to be at his 1st big birthday party with his friends from pre-school. It was his 1st time in the climbing structure at our local party place and his cousins followed him around protecting him from the children pushing and shoving, as if he were their little brother. It was so sweet.

Fast forward to his 4th birthday, we went big and took him to Disney World. Squeals of glee and excitement were eventually replaced with overload from all of the fun and crowds of people. When we tried to get him to take a nap, he had a meltdown and fired us as his parents. Despite his temper tantrum, what I remember most was his joy and laughter.

The biggest party of them all on his 6th birthday made me legendary in our town.  I turned my house into the World Beyblade Championship.  My living room was the stadium for battles, my kitchen had a hotdog stand, stadium popcorn machine and stadium snow cone machine.  To make the concessions complete, I spoke with a heavy Boston accent like the concessions at Fenway Park.  What made me a legend was the wall of prizes in my dining room.  I made sure that everyone got prizes and had a good time.  Each year has special memories and I would not trade them for anything in the world. Most of all I remember his joy and how grateful I am to be his Mom. Happy Birthday Kevin! I hope you have a wonderful birthday.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Today I celebrate my 12th Mother’s Day.  My first Mother’s Day I was hormonal and cried all day because I was so happy to finally be a mother.  When my son started school, Mother’s Day began to include an art project, most of which are framed and hanging in my house. Every year no matter what is happening on Mother’s Day, I am always grateful that I am a Mother.  I wish each of you a wonderful Mother’s Day!

More Sex Questions

“Mommy, what does Extra Virgin mean?  How can you be Extra Virgin?  Does that mean you aren’t even horny?” my son asked me this morning as I was drinking my coffee.  As my morning coffee sprayed the kitchen table and I burst out laughing, I tried to think of an answer.  I don’t remember seeing that question in my “Sex Talk for Dummies” book.  What questions are your children asking you?

It Must Be Spring!

Before I had time to finish my coffee this morning, my thoughts were interrupted by the squeals of my son.  “Look at the squirrels!” he shouted.  “Hee, hee, they’re humping,” he shrieked with joy.  Everyone at the table turned to watch the Wild Kingdom show on our deck.  Hoping to avoid too many questions, I replied “Turn around and eat your breakfast. You need to get ready for school.”

After finishing his next bite of breakfast, my son blurted out “I hope they used a condom. I wouldn’t want the squirrel to get a STD.”  Stunned that my 11-year-old would talk about safe sex, I sat quietly for a moment like a deer in the headlights of a car.  “That’s my tax dollars at work in the school Health Class,” I thought to myself.  Then, to end this very uncomfortable conversation, I responded “That’s good thinking, but I think they are trying to make babies.  We will see baby squirrels in the yard soon.”  He was so excited and exclaimed “I want a baby squirrel.  They’re so cute!”  Now distracted by thoughts of cute baby squirrels in his yard, he happily finished his breakfast.  What are your signs of Spring?